‘SaekCommDalComm’, the Official Blog of Fuji Xerox Korea

Hello, everyone! Greetings from the bloggers of ‘SaekCommmDalComm (literal translation of Colorful, Clear Communication), the official blog of Fuji Xerox Korea.

Our blog title, ‘SaekCommmDalComm’, combines Korean and English words. ‘Saek,’ which means colors, symbolizes how Fuji Xerox communicates through its printing technology, whereas ‘Dal,’ the other embedded Korean word, means how we can understand each other through clear and seamless communication. The blog title also reflects the philosophy that Fuji Xerox Korea aspires to when interacting with public.

With ‘SaekCommmDalComm’, Fuji Xerox Korea is excited to share informative and fascinating contents. The categories of the blog are shown below:

“Inside Fuji Xerox” – Stories on corporate culture, events and Fuji Xerox people

“Solutions” – Stories on Fuji Xerox’s solutions and services that make a better document environment

“Eco-Friendly” – Small, but significant actions taken to preserve our planet

“Office Life” – A variety of stories dealing with self-improvement, personal/professional interaction, leisure, and many others for office workers 

“Blog at a Glance” – Blog contents in English 

Especially, our ‘Blog at a glance’ is where SaekCommmDalComm stories are presented in English. We want to talk with visitors all over the world through our posts.

Our vision and mission is to provide visitors with a space for open and candid communication. For questions about Fuji Xerox Korea products and solutions, please visit our web customer supporter center, or call our customer hotline at +82-1544-8988. If you have questions or suggestions for our blogs, please contact our blog operation team (blog@kor.fujixerox.com).

Thank you for your support and come back often!

SaekCommmDalComm Team

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‘더 나은 커뮤니케이션이 세상을 만드는 힘이다!’ Better Communication을 위해 노력하는 후지제록스의 철학과 혁신, 기업문화, 사람 등 다양한 이야기를 들려드립니다.

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