On Top of Customer Satisfaction for 11 Straight Years

In late September 2011, Fuji Xerox Korea extended its streak of being ranked number 1 in a customer satisfaction survey to 11 years.

Proudly displayed in front of Fuji Xerox Korea HQ, a placard shows our number 1 ranking on KCSI

KCSI, the Korean Customer Satisfaction Index, annually-announced since 1992, was developed by Korea Management Association Consulting, KMAC, to encourage quality growth in Korean industry and the competitiveness of various industries. It reflects the degree of customer satisfaction on products by industry and service. Fuji Xerox Korea has held the top position for 11 straight years, ever since KCSI included the copier category in 2001.

Especially this year, we scored 5 points higher in quality of sales and service staff’s customer service. This reflects the effort our sales force and service engineers put into customers’ satisfaction in the field. Our engineers even get special appreciation from client companies for quality service.

Fuji Xerox Korea employees and top managements are gathered to celebrate

Fuji Xerox has put a lot of effort into the huge 11 straight year achievement. We invest a lot of energy in developing new systems and programs to increases customer satisfaction. For example, our VOC (Voice of Customer) System accepts management access claims and suggestions made by customers and all company teams in order to improve our service. Our dedication extends to video troubleshooting via smartphone and video product manual on our website to accommodate our clients.

As you see in the photos, the Fuji Xerox Korea family gathered to celebrate this special occasion with number 1 head bands (meaning number 1 for 11 years).

Bottom line, though, the reason we were able to stay number 1 for 11 years in KCSI is your support and care. We will continue doing our best in providing fast and accurate service to valued customers like you.

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