Fuji Xerox Korea Sponsored ‘2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit’

The Nuclear Security Summit had been a hot way before it started, because it is ‘the’ largest summit meeting on security issues. Borrowing from the organizer’s explanation, the Summit is where the leaders of more than 50 nations gather to discuss the means by which they can cooperate to protect nuclear materials and respective facilities from terrorist organizations.

It sounds pretty serious, but I guess the idea is to make the world safe from nuclear threats?

With Korea named the chair country of this important gathering, the country has a more proactive role in security and political matters. 

So here is what I discovered during my visit to 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit. 🙂

Shot of Staff Pass

Of course, I would have loved to talk with President Obama and other world leaders, but I had my job to do, photographing the event. Actually, as Fuji Xerox Korea is one of the official sponsors of the Nuclear Security Summit, I, a member of Fuji Xerox Marketing Communications Team and also the main cameraman, was invited. I am sure that you want to know more about on-the-scene goings on rather than newsfeed information, so here are the photo captures of the event along with my commentary.

This is the media center for reporters covering the summit I worked here.

This confident looking young man is Yoon, Young-hwan of Global Services dept., Fuji Xerox Korea.


The press center literally makes you feel that journalists from ‘all’ over the world are here. You see people handling huge equipment as if it were an extension of their arm, while veteran reporters are typing away on quotes from each briefing with 120% concentration. It is a room with energy and gravity heavy in the air.

<Click to view an enlarged picture.>

Can you feel the heat from these foreign press folks and engineers? The image below is the MPC Briefing Room at the media center. Everyone looks so attentive and focused.

These are the interpretation booths. Specialized interpreters or translators are needed as the summit invites tens of nations. I was very impressed. 

So, now, why don’t I take you to the documentation room? There you can see our Fuji Xerox multifunction devices in action.

There is an area between the press center and international broadcasting center for breaks, where Food and bev’s are provided. I’ve noticed many local companies, along with Fuji Xerox, supporting and sponsoring this event in unique ways. Particularly popular were the coffee and snacks provided by SPC Group. I put down my camera for a minute and enjoyed some coffee, too.

All of a sudden, everyone seemed to tense up and focus, as briefings on the discussions and results are provided during a temporary adjournment. The documentation room goes through stormy periods as people print out thousands of copies of the Seoul Communique press releases. But our trusty Fuji Xerox multifunction devices did splendidly, xeroxing a large quantity of documents with a speed and precision.

Behind the media center was the editors’ booth for various countries’ broadcasting companies and foreign press.

This is a shot of the BBC booth.

Although my curiosity and desire to take a photo tempted me, I didn’t go into the booths as I was sure that the reporters were on a series of tight deadlines. However, KBS let us take a little peek at the dynamic environment. 

I also got a chance to see Arirang News doing reports quite a few times.

I was comforted to see President Obama’s speeches on a number of screens wherever I turned. Stormy days’ worth of job was done, and it was time to pack up and go.

Kudos to all the supporting staff and Fuji Xerox family. Your smile is golden!

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