Why is Document Management Consulting Necessary?

All B2B public relations professionals must think about their job description on a daily basis, but, seriously folks, promoting a B2B product isn’t easy. Our targets are relatively few, and crafting effective messages for them is challenging.

Sometimes when I meet reporters and explain the business of Fuji Xerox Korea (especially about document management consulting & outsourcing), they get this puzzled look and ask me what that means to customers

Our services are quite important for end-users, namely companies’. It’s just difficult to explain. So, voila! I made a series of case studies to explain what Fuji Xerox is all about.

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What are the benefits if our company implements MPS?

For example, let’s say trading company A has the following equipment: 10 multifunctional devices, 100 printers, 50 fax machines, 20 copy machines, and 20 scanners. Its work obviously involves lots of paperwork such as contracts and business proposals and most of its employees have outside business meetings.

However, Company A does not know how much money it takes to maintain these machines, let alone the different documentation characteristics of each division. No one knows how often that particular dusty fax is used.

I know it’s not fair to put this burden on the company alone. Companies are being bombarded with tasks at a faster pace than ever. That is precisely why Fuji Xerox offers research and analysis services on the optimal documentation environment, development of appropriate solutions and hardware, and documentation for maintenance and repair.

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If Company A implemented MPS, its 200 printers would be trimmed down to 50 multifunctional devices, 20 printers and 10 fax machines. Sheets of paper that used to spill over the bins are now converted into digital documents, thus freeing office space. And the folks who are in business meetings outside the company now can benefit from mobile print solutions.

In the examples mentioned so far, Fuji Xerox provides solutions that give Company A cost reduction, enhanced productivity, environmentally-conscious management, and many other benefits. Well, this is what our document management consulting and outsourcing service is all about. This is usually called MPS (Managed Print Service).

Basically, we make it easy for companies, public facilities, schools, and others to optimize their documentation environment through thorough analysis and efficient solutions.


As shown here, the number of machines, print-outs, electricity, CO2,

and costs all can be efficiently improved.

Okay, electricity and paper can be saved. But by 50%?

Can this really be done?

Let me take real case results. We used this data for a 2008 ad campaign. It is very easy to understand and nicely illustrates how reduction is possible. Just in the sheer amount of paper that can be saved as well as the cost, the results are 33,000 sheets of paper and 2.3 million dollars. Isn’t that cool? 

As you can see in the post above, many companies in Korea are using Fuji Xerox’s document management service. Now I would like to show you how our presence on the global stage.

Proctor & Gamble (P&G), a world-class household product manufacturer, managed to reduce annually paper usage and electricity used for document-related work by 30% with our MPS. That’s a lot of savings and eco-friendly management. In addition, our solutions for on-the-move employees, such as the mobile print solution, really helped them benefit from a tailored environment, naturally increasing efficiency. Our service supported P&G’s effort particularly through one of its programs, ‘Give Back 500 Million Minutes.’

Kelly Services, a US-based mega HR provider, says it cut over 50% of its paper and printing-related electricity cost. As I shared above, one of the main changes the company experiences is a significant reduction in the number of printers. Kelly Services was able to cut its 2,700 printing machines to less than 900, which is exactly 2/3. Fewer printers means a lower operating rate overall. Since paper and electricity use decreased 50%, Kelly Services easily achieved its eco-management goals.

Courtesy: xerox.com

If you want to know more about reducing corporate management expenses and developing a smart document environment, please call Fuji Xerox Korea anytime.

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