Tour Our Business Center to Get Tips for an Yeosu Expo Trip!

Yeosu Expo, or International Exposition Yeosu Korea 2012, has been open for over a month. (I am sure you already know that it continues till August 12th.)

On the blog, SaekCommDalComm, I have been introducing you to sightseeing and nice eateries in the Yeosu region.

My colleague, Mr. Hong, also came back with stories about Fuji Xerox’s outstanding activities at Yeosu Expo and I have valuable information only available from people working on site. Let’s go on a Fuji Xerox journey at Yeosu Expo!


Yeosu Expo‘s theme is ‘The Living Ocean and Coast.’ It focuses on maritime exhibitions, and I was very keen to see how each country designed its exhibit, as well as the creativity of multinational companies.

Since Fuji Xerox Korea is an expo sponsor, I was asked to “cover Fuji Xerox Korea activities.”


On the way to Yeosu International Expo, Better Known as the Marine Expo

So I set off to Yeosu at dawn last Friday. At 9 am, there was a ‘sea’ of visitors already in line.

When I saw big banner saying, ‘Travelling the World without Airplanes’, finally I realized I was at the Expo. Although I was dying to visit the aquarium, sky tower Big O, I first had to take care of business.

Fuji Xerox Through Yeosu

First, I went to International Pavilion C to meet the great engineers. The three good-looking gentlemen were handling over 300 machines. Since no transportation, not even a bicycle, is allowed in the exhibition halls, these guys have to carry a variety of machinery and parts back and forth across 250,000 square meters. 

Although hard work, they told me they were enjoying the opportunity to take in various performances. More than anything, they are just really proud of supporting the expo.


Next I went to Fuji Xerox Business Center, a haven for businessmen who need to stay connected. I was greeted by a lady with a cute smile working as a volunteer. She told me where she gets to help people with various office work, from getting Internet access and printing to faxing.

Fuji Xerox Business Center is on the 2nd floor of International Pavilion C. Standing at the International Pavilion intersection, you can’t miss it. After filling out a simple form, you have access to virtually all of the office equipment and features including computer, document printing, and meeting room. I strongly encourage all to take full advantage of the center at the expo. 🙂

Now, let’s find the Fuji Xerox products placed throughout the exhibition hall. Whether you go to the organizing committee, media center, MVL hotel, expo town, international pavilion, climate environment hall, marine biology hall, sky tower, Korean Hall, aquarium, virtual deep-sea fishery, etc., you can find one of our multifunction devices at each site!

Photo Zone and Tips for Your Yeosu Trip

Last but not least, I visited the photo zone with a backdrop of Odong Island and MVL hotel. It is really easy to find, near Gate #1. The zone features Yeoni and Suni, the mascots of the expo, welcoming visitors with open arms. 

Fuji Xerox prints free photos taken and developed by professional photo engineers twice a day (10:30 – 11:30 & 14:30 – 15:30). So visit us, and take home well-preserved memories of your trip to Yeosu. 

Wrapping up my trip to Yeosu, this far is the best summer trip for families, children, and boyfriends and girlfriends. Finally some tips better enjoy your Yeosu Expo Trip, kindly provided by the Expo staff here in Yeosu.

Tips that Visitors need to know

* Recommended exhibitions: Climate & Environment Pavilion, Korea Pavilion, Qatar Tatoo Service (women only)

* Recommended restaurants on expo grounds: Beck’s Bibim Express (for less than 7 bucks, both portion and flavor are delightful)

* Recommended Performances: Street comic shows, Bit O show, Taiwanese Lion Mask Dance, and many others

* How to Enjoy: It is better to visit popular pavilions in the afternoon. (I have seen a lot of people with less energy start exiting the expo by noon, which means less crowds later in the afternoon.)

* Local Transportation: All local buses are free during the expo period! Route diagrams are also user-friendly.

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