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2012년 8월 31일

Why is Document Management Consulting Necessary?

All B2B public relations professionals must think about their job description on a daily basis, but, seriously folks, promoting a B2B product isn’t easy. Our targets are relatively few, and crafting effective messages for them is challenging. Sometimes when I meet reporters and explain the business of Fuji Xerox Korea (especially about document management consulting & outsourcing), they get this puzzled look and ask me what that means to customers.  Our services are quite important for end-users, namely companies’. It’s just difficult to explain. So, voila! I made a series of case studies to explain what Fuji Xerox is all about. Courtesy: flickr by Elevate Printing What are the benefits if our company implements MPS? For example, let’s say trading […]
2012년 8월 31일

What Would Happen If the Amount of Paper Used by Our Team Was Announced?

On one day, a sheet of paper embroidered with colorful graphs and tables was tacked to the wall right above our multifunction devices. Here.. and there.. and Everywhere!! I looked closer wondering what it was about. It read ‘Green Dashboard’. ‘Green Dashboard’ turned out to be a paper usage report that showed very accurately the number of sheets used for paper documents and described users’ pattern. Not only did it tell the number of sheets used, it went into great detail about whether each sheet of paper was printed in color or black & white, and the percentage of both sides of the paper being used.  The detailed report really shows not only monthly paper usage but how many of […]
2012년 8월 31일

Interview with Mr. Yamamoto, “Fuji Xerox Support Customers Through Documents”

Today at SaekCommdalComm, I have a special guest, Mr. Tadahito Yamamoto, President of Fuji Xerox. Mr. Yamamoto is well-known as ‘Fuji Xerox Man,’ who has been with us for 43 years. Since 2007, he has led the company along the path of innovation. Not so long ago, he paid a visit to Korea and I am here to tell some of the behind-the-scene stories.   Fuji Xerox Korea was quite busy getting ready for Mr. Yamamoto. My team (Marketing communications) arranged an interview for him with a daily newspaper. The interview followed a warm greeting of the reporter. The reporter started with the question. What is document management consulting? “Documents are basically a tool for communication between people. The same goes […]
2012년 8월 31일

D’Ieteren’s Successful 1:1 Marketing with Fuji Xerox Digital Printing

I mentioned 1:1 custom-tailored marketing, the how and result a couple of times before, so here I present a good example. Today’s case study highlights the Volkswagen Division of D’Ieteren, a Begium-based auto dealership. The story shows how it increased potential customer visits more than tenfold using Xerox’s 1:1 Lab. D’Ieteren is a well-known European auto dealership based in Belgium, founded in 1805. Courtesy: D’leteren Page Volkswagen Division of D’Ieteren Faced Challenges D’Ieteren markets 22 Volkswagen models all over Belgium, and ‘was’ distributing two million copies of comprehensive catalogues explaining the basic info and features of each model. But it began to think about enhancing ROI and efficient ways of allocating resources after the financial crisis hit. According to D’Ieteren, usually […]
2012년 8월 31일

Tour Our Business Center to Get Tips for an Yeosu Expo Trip!

Yeosu Expo, or International Exposition Yeosu Korea 2012, has been open for over a month. (I am sure you already know that it continues till August 12th.) On the blog, SaekCommDalComm, I have been introducing you to sightseeing and nice eateries in the Yeosu region. My colleague, Mr. Hong, also came back with stories about Fuji Xerox’s outstanding activities at Yeosu Expo and I have valuable information only available from people working on site. Let’s go on a Fuji Xerox journey at Yeosu Expo!   Yeosu Expo‘s theme is ‘The Living Ocean and Coast.’ It focuses on maritime exhibitions, and I was very keen to see how each country designed its exhibit, as well as the creativity of multinational companies. […]
2012년 8월 31일

Fuji Xerox Korea Sponsored ‘2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit’

The Nuclear Security Summit had been a hot way before it started, because it is ‘the’ largest summit meeting on security issues. Borrowing from the organizer’s explanation, the Summit is where the leaders of more than 50 nations gather to discuss the means by which they can cooperate to protect nuclear materials and respective facilities from terrorist organizations. It sounds pretty serious, but I guess the idea is to make the world safe from nuclear threats? With Korea named the chair country of this important gathering, the country has a more proactive role in security and political matters.  So here is what I discovered during my visit to 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit. 🙂 Shot of Staff Pass Of course, […]
2012년 8월 28일

Fuji Xerox Korea’s recycling activity for Zero-Landfill

In November, I visited Fuji Xerox Korea’s Development Manufacturing Center located in Gajwa-dong (Incheon). The reason I visited was to cover “Sangrokwon” (The word means ‘place with evergreens’), the name for the Development Manufacturing Center’s new recycling activity. I noticed that besides the new project, the center was already practicing eco-friendly work processes in a variety of its day-to-day tasks. Today, in the Saekomdalkom post, I will cover some of the eco-friendly projects in detail.   Sangrokwon- Achieving 100% Recycling The impressive entrance to “Place with Evergreens” Fuji Xerox family at Sangrokwon seems really focused, which is always great for some spontaneous photo shootsJ Sangrokwon’s system is composed of three concepts, with the main concept being a “closed-loop system”, where used […]
2012년 8월 28일

On Top of Customer Satisfaction for 11 Straight Years

In late September 2011, Fuji Xerox Korea extended its streak of being ranked number 1 in a customer satisfaction survey to 11 years. Proudly displayed in front of Fuji Xerox Korea HQ, a placard shows our number 1 ranking on KCSI KCSI, the Korean Customer Satisfaction Index, annually-announced since 1992, was developed by Korea Management Association Consulting, KMAC, to encourage quality growth in Korean industry and the competitiveness of various industries. It reflects the degree of customer satisfaction on products by industry and service. Fuji Xerox Korea has held the top position for 11 straight years, ever since KCSI included the copier category in 2001. Especially this year, we scored 5 points higher in quality of sales and service staff’s […]
2012년 8월 28일

‘SaekCommDalComm’, the Official Blog of Fuji Xerox Korea

Hello, everyone! Greetings from the bloggers of ‘SaekCommmDalComm (literal translation of Colorful, Clear Communication), the official blog of Fuji Xerox Korea. Our blog title, ‘SaekCommmDalComm’, combines Korean and English words. ‘Saek,’ which means colors, symbolizes how Fuji Xerox communicates through its printing technology, whereas ‘Dal,’ the other embedded Korean word, means how we can understand each other through clear and seamless communication. The blog title also reflects the philosophy that Fuji Xerox Korea aspires to when interacting with public. With ‘SaekCommmDalComm’, Fuji Xerox Korea is excited to share informative and fascinating contents. The categories of the blog are shown below: “Inside Fuji Xerox” – Stories on corporate culture, events and Fuji Xerox people “Solutions” – Stories on Fuji Xerox’s solutions and services that make a […]